ACPNJ Awards 

Congratulations to the following ACPNJ members for being honored with ACP and chapter awards for 2023. More information about ACP awards and Masterships can be found here.

New Jersey Chapter 2023 Laureate Award
Saba Hasan, MD, MACP

The Laureate Award honors Fellows and Masters of the College who have demonstrated by their example and conduct an abiding commitment to excellence in medical care, education, or research and in service to their community, their Chapter, and the American College of Physicians.

The recipient of this award shall bear the title Laureate of the New Jersey Chapter.

It is with distinct pleasure that this year’s the New Jersey Chapter of the American College of Physicians presents the Laureate Award to Saba Hasan, MD, MACP.  Dr. Hasan is a long-standing and loyal supporter of the College, has rendered distinguished service to the Chapter, and has upheld the high ideals and professional standards for which the College is known. We salute and honor Dr. Hasan on this occasion.

Past Laureate Award Winners

1985    Denise Farnath, MD
1985    Luann Bruno, DO
1985    John Dalena, MD
1987    Stewart F. Alexander, MD, FACP
1988    Arthur Bernstein, MD, FACP
1993    Francis P. Chinard, MD, FACP
1995    Pedro Gascon, MD, FACP
1996    John R. Middleton, MD, FACP
1997    Francis L. Griffin, MD, FACP
1999    Richard L. Klein, MD, FACP
2000    Richard K. Kasama, MD, FACP
2001    Nayan K. Kothari, MD, FACP
2002    A. Ralph Kristeller, MD, FACP
2003    Edward D. Viner, MD, FACP
2004    Leon G. Smith, MD, MACP
2005    John A. Walker, MD, FACP
2006    James D. Brody, MD, FACP
2007    Laura H. Kahn, MD, FACP
2008    Madhu B. Goyal, MD, FACP
2009    Asif A. Hashmi, MD, FACP
2010    Nafisa Y. Bhoori, MD, FACP
2011    Sara L. Wallach, MD, FACP
2012    Beth R. Nalitt, MD, FACP
2013    Michael A. Renzi, DO, FACP
2014    William E. Farrer, MD, FACP
2015    Vijay Rajput, MD, FACP, SFHM
2016    Ranita Sharma, MD, FACP
2017    Sunil Sapru, MD, FACP
2018    David Kuo, MD, FACP
2019    Steven Peskin, MD, FACP
2020    Tamie Proscia-Lieto, MD, FACP
2021     Louis Friedman, DO, FACP
2021     Mirela Feurdean, MD, FACP
2022      Gina LaCapra, MD, FACP

Outstanding Service to the Chapter
Catherine Chen, MD

The Outstanding Service to the Chapter award is presented to an individual member who has exhibited dedication to the chapter in areas such as advocacy, education, communication, membership, and/or community service, and has demonstrated a committed desire to advance the initiatives of the Chapter.

We recognize Catherine Chen, MD for her outstanding service to our chapter, spearheading the ACPNJ Mentorship Program and advancing the use of technology in the chapter.

Positive Impact New Jersey Award
Himabindu Lanka, MD
Tamie Proscia-Lieto, MD

The Positive Impact New Jersey award is presented to an organization or individual who has demonstrated a commitment to improving the health of the citizens of New Jersey through education, activities, and building trust in public health.

ACPNJ is pleased to present this award to Himabindu Lanka, MD and Tamie Proscia-Lieto, MD for their work on the Palliative Care Education Project - a community outreach project to provide education for physicians and the community regarding palliative and end of life care and dispel the myths that surround this topic.

2022 Masterships

Jeffrey Carson, MD, MACP
Saba Hassan, MD, MACP
David Kountz, MD, MBA, MACP