ACPNJ Community Outreach Project

The ACPNJ Governors and the ACPNJ Resident Council invite all residents to participate in the Community Outreach Project.  One of the ways we define ourselves is by our service to our community. We recognize that as physicians, we have a responsibility to improve the lives and communities that need us most. Our responsibilities and our commitment take many forms – partnering with neighborhood schools, staffing free neighborhood health clinics, conducting free AIDS testing, offering food and shelter to the homeless. Our residents, faculty and community doctors show every day that they are part of a vibrant community. We hope to improve our commitment to our patients, share the breadth of our work and encourage the ethic of service to the many individuals who have no place to turn.

Each residency program in the state is encouraged to create their own project based on local community needs. Projects can be clinical or non-clinical but should be on-going with measurable outcomes. Please download and use this template to streamline the activity. Click here to download the template.

Deadline for entries is May 20, 2021.

2021 entries will be judged and a virtual forum will be established on the ACPNJ website where the projects can be viewed.  Check back for more details.

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