Community Outreach Project

Thank you to all the residency programs that participated in ACPNJ Community Service Project.

Scroll down to view the posters.

The 2021 Annual Meeting will have a forum for residents to present their service work. Check back for updates for the project launch.

Keep checking back for the 2021 Community Outreach Project to open.

If your program representative has any questions, please direct them to direct them to Kris Samara or Theresa Barrett.

2020 Community Outreach Posters

1) Mahdi
2) Nazir
3) Ricketti
4) Terrigno
5) Gayle
6) Norris
7) Mbianda
8) Kanakamedla

News For Residents

Sadly, we had to cancel our planned event that we were planning to hold as part of the Scientific Meeting. Please keep checking back for updates for the next Early Career Physician (ECP) Networking Event. Plans are in the works for the Fall.